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This is my journal for the summer!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

October 7 2006

School just started and my teacher's the best her name is Mme.Steele!In my class we're doing somthing called roots of empathy. We're very lucky cause only one class in the school that gets to do it. Roots of empathy is a program where someone comes in with a baby and we watch it grow and learn about it for a year!!!

In music class I got my 3rd choice of group...Orff recorder .There was only 5 people out of all the grade 5 and 6 who picked orff recorder that's like 300 people plus I already played it for a year and now 2 more.Twice a week!!!!!! IT'S NOT FAIR.

Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1 2006

Last Saterday morning me, mom, and gramma went to Montreal with my friend Jen and her mom! We went by train which took us 5 hours but we eventully got to our destination.I'm not gonna tell you about the train because it was boring. but when we got there we checked in at the St.Paul hotel, which I think is the nicest hotel in Montreal! After we cheked in we went to the pioneer market which is a market that they do once a year where every one is dressed up in costumes and have ther own little booths like pottery,quill writing,blacksmiths,neddle work and more! Later that night we went to a restaurant called Resto-bar. It's a beautiful bar that seems completely outside but it isn't .For dinner we ate a dilicious pizza!

The next day we went to the BioDome .There, we went through the tropical forest ,the polar world and in the laurentian forest! Well not exactly! Have you been to the science center? Well it was like that but bigger .There I saw a rainbow macaw. It was beautiful.After the BioDome we went to the labyrinthe: that's a giant maze with obstacles .It was a indoor maze and the walls of it were made out of tarp! Then we went for dinner .We went to Au Pied de Cochon which means pigs feet .That night Jen didn't eat any thing for dinner and I hated it but our parents loved it!!!They didn't know how to make food for kids.On the last day we went shopping and we also went to a bagel store. There you can buy bagels for 50 cents. Now I think Toronto bagels taste like spinach! At 5:00 we went on the train home. So that's our weekend in montreal!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 17 2006

Yesterday me and dad made rubber prints .We had carving tools and we carved all different things It's much harder then it looks! I carved a flower ,HI and a pear my dad carved a moon, a happy face and a flower in a pot! Then I went to the eating center and I went to H&M , old navy, gap etc but at the end we only bought a book called the girl,the apprentice and the dog's of iron me and mom went to get a pedicure (my foot still hurts)!!!And on the way home I rented a movie.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August 9, 2006

Today I hade another day at A.G.O. camp with my friend's Jen and Saige.
We made hamburgers out of fabric like that Claus something something! Then we saw the Andy Warhol exhibit and did you know his name is really Andy Warhola and by accident they spelt it wronge in a newspaper and he actually liked it so he left it that way! After camp my friend Jen is gonna get her ears peirced (mom still has in't lit me mine yet). Then I attempted to dye my hair pink but I chickened out maybe on the week end! (hopefully)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

August 3, 2006

Today I went to camp with my friend's Jen and Saige!We're going to AGO art camp today we went to the Bata Shoe museum. We saw all kinds of shoes like shoes from China and shoes that famous people wore like Britney Spears and Madonna. Then we skulpted them (I made Shynia Twain's!) At the end of the day we had fruit punch,fruit kabobs and we made hawaiian skirts because it's hawaiian day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then Jen's dad drove us home.After that I sat down and wrote my blog.

But yesterday was so much more fun. After camp me and Jen went to my friend Piper's house for a swim (she has a pool) and dinner. For dinner we had pasta and cheese sauce: it was dilicious! And then I went to my soccer game we finaly won I'm surprised that team never lost befor!e

Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 29 2006

Yesterday Jen and I went rockclimbing at Joe Rockheads. I bruised my knee but the rest was very fun. We went up to a level 9 out of 12. I like rock climbing becuse it's dificult and then you have to chalange yourself and when you can do it you feel good! After that we went for lunch.We had a waffle and warm strawberries and bananas topped with whipped cream!

Later in the afternoon,I went to my last Bronze Star class and I passed! We got a little bronze star and a badge.I enjoyed bronze star but we had to do a lot of life saving like submerged victims, AAA and ABC's and we practiced tows!

Today my brother my dad and I went swimming at the North Toronto Memorial Comunity Center and then we went to McDonalds for lunch.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27 2006

Today it wasn't a very exciting day but I did some things like:I went to Shoppers to cash in some points and we had 55$ worth of points and we got a lot of stuff (I wish they had points in other stors like Li'l Party Shop and/or GAP because those are my favorite stores in the neighbourhood).After we dropped that stuff off I went to a really nice Second Cup to read a book and have lunch.But I really can't wait until tomorrow because I'm going rockclimbing .The place we're going to is called Joe Rockheads or go to for more info!We are going because my friend Jen just came back from camp and Jen's dad is taking us.