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Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1 2006

Last Saterday morning me, mom, and gramma went to Montreal with my friend Jen and her mom! We went by train which took us 5 hours but we eventully got to our destination.I'm not gonna tell you about the train because it was boring. but when we got there we checked in at the St.Paul hotel, which I think is the nicest hotel in Montreal! After we cheked in we went to the pioneer market which is a market that they do once a year where every one is dressed up in costumes and have ther own little booths like pottery,quill writing,blacksmiths,neddle work and more! Later that night we went to a restaurant called Resto-bar. It's a beautiful bar that seems completely outside but it isn't .For dinner we ate a dilicious pizza!

The next day we went to the BioDome .There, we went through the tropical forest ,the polar world and in the laurentian forest! Well not exactly! Have you been to the science center? Well it was like that but bigger .There I saw a rainbow macaw. It was beautiful.After the BioDome we went to the labyrinthe: that's a giant maze with obstacles .It was a indoor maze and the walls of it were made out of tarp! Then we went for dinner .We went to Au Pied de Cochon which means pigs feet .That night Jen didn't eat any thing for dinner and I hated it but our parents loved it!!!They didn't know how to make food for kids.On the last day we went shopping and we also went to a bagel store. There you can buy bagels for 50 cents. Now I think Toronto bagels taste like spinach! At 5:00 we went on the train home. So that's our weekend in montreal!


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