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This is my journal for the summer!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 29 2006

Yesterday Jen and I went rockclimbing at Joe Rockheads. I bruised my knee but the rest was very fun. We went up to a level 9 out of 12. I like rock climbing becuse it's dificult and then you have to chalange yourself and when you can do it you feel good! After that we went for lunch.We had a waffle and warm strawberries and bananas topped with whipped cream!

Later in the afternoon,I went to my last Bronze Star class and I passed! We got a little bronze star and a badge.I enjoyed bronze star but we had to do a lot of life saving like submerged victims, AAA and ABC's and we practiced tows!

Today my brother my dad and I went swimming at the North Toronto Memorial Comunity Center and then we went to McDonalds for lunch.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27 2006

Today it wasn't a very exciting day but I did some things like:I went to Shoppers to cash in some points and we had 55$ worth of points and we got a lot of stuff (I wish they had points in other stors like Li'l Party Shop and/or GAP because those are my favorite stores in the neighbourhood).After we dropped that stuff off I went to a really nice Second Cup to read a book and have lunch.But I really can't wait until tomorrow because I'm going rockclimbing .The place we're going to is called Joe Rockheads or go to for more info!We are going because my friend Jen just came back from camp and Jen's dad is taking us.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 23 2006

Today I woke up at 9:00 at Tyler's house. Me and Saige went to tyler's for her Birthday.( I got her a webkin and Saige got her slippers and a magnet board).After we had breakfast. I had to go because me and my family are going to the distillery district.At the distillery district we went to almost all the stores but my favorite was lileo! I liked lileo because it had interesting clothes of all the colors and strange art but also facinating! We also went to a chocolate factory called soma and had gelato and coffee. When we went home to drop something off and back out to the cheese store to test cheeses.That night my family watched zethura!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12 2006

Our project for today is roller coasters. We are making roller coasters to leaarn about speed and aerodynamics diffrent people in my camp wher devided in to age groups to make roller coasters.I think our's is the best we hade water bottels cardboard tin cans and box's plus I think our's look the best too it's called "the fireboult." Also today we made water filters! We used marshmallows, beans, coffy filters and styraphone and peut them in a plastic silinder and with tinfoil onthe bottom then we poced a tiny hole in the bottem so the water will seap throu!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11 2006

Today I got up late and just made the bus but to make up my day it's my 2 day at this camp called experiments and explorations that's held at the harbourfront center.Today we made rock candy with lots of sugar but it will take 3 days to work and we also made a design for a machine which will make it so the egg won't break when we drop it of the roof and we're going to try it tomorrow! After camp I went to McDonalds and to my scoccer game. I felt bad losing 1 to 3 but I felt better when my friend told me he lost 1 to 11 .

Today was a very normal day.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 8 2006

Yesterday I went to see the 10:15 movie of Superman Returns and went home at 1:00 and since it was so late I woke up at 10:40 today.After I made some cookies, I went to the pool with my brother and dad.For lunch I went to McDonalds,then I went home to drop of my swmming bags for the street fair.When we got to the street fair we met up with my friend Jen's parents because my brother and her brother are friends but Jen's at camp. I saw Sophie my friend from photography camp on the line for the ferris wheel too.I went on two fun houses and there was 3 dinasaurs,well they where people in dinasaurs costumes but that was the best part because my brother didn't know that so he was terrified.I'm going to go on the drop tomorrow because we just ate at the Duke of Kent! Tonight I'm probably going to go to the concert at the street fair.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 7 2006

I'm in photography camp today. Me and my camp went to the power plant/art gallery .We saw all different types of pictures made with lights ,dots,pencil crayon, etc.We developed our pictures today. We spent two hours in the dark room and we also used photo shop (photo shop is a conputer program which you can use to make your face look like what ever your mind comes to from puppy eyes to fangs). In my picture I have fangs. One eye red and the other white and I have a red chalk board on my face! If you've never been in a dark room this is what it is: you go in a painted black room and you turn the lights off and the red light on (because film does not get effected by red light) then you use the enlarger to project the picture on a white piece of film paper and shine the enlarger light on the paper. The longer the light is on,the darker the picture gets.After you do that you can't see the picture so you have to put it in a chemical.The first one is called bite because it eats the first layer of the paper so you can see the picture. The next one is called stop,because if you don't 'stop' the bite process it will bite your picture so it will turn white!The next step is called fix: it keeps it like it is so you don't make it turn black.Then you put it in water and hang it up to dry. If you want to learn the details go to to sign up!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 5 2006

Today I went to photography camp. We used a dark room and played a variety of different games like ultimate and doctor dodge ball! In the dark room we used pictures from yesterday beacause we went to Kensington market.When it rained all 10 of us went in a tiny store to keep dry and take pictures of the rain (beautiful but wet.) In that store we all had 5 pieces (or more) of bubblegum because a lady was going to make purses with them so we had to give her back the wrappers but at least we got the gum! Usually when I'm on the bus going home I'm bored out of my mind but this year we can't stop laughing.One girl almost suffocated because she was laughing so hard! We all sit at the bumpy back of the bus and laugh about anything that has to do with anything.When I got home me and my brother made a cake and we ate it for desert. It was o.k. and a little bit burnt but it was still a cake.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

July 2 2006

Today I woke up at 9:00 am and wrote a letter to my friend who's at over night camp (it was long!) then I went to the pool with my li'l brother and my dad (I'm in bronze star) my brother played with my dad well I swam laps.We stayed at the pool for 1 hour then we went to McDonalds for lunch. We went to buy crocs me and my dad got a pair, I got pink and my dad got white. We saw my friend's mom. She sent my friend's letter. Then my brother got tied so we went back home my dad gave him a nap and we went out again to buy groceries and went in the new body shop and tryed on interesting fragrances like line dried cotton and moon flower! When I got home I read "Harriet spies again"then we had dinner we had porkchops and cheese with fruit salad (delicious.)After dinner I cleaned up my room and then watched "Harry Potter and the goblit of fire" with popcorn of course! Later my mom got home and the movie just finished so we went to bed.